Metal Sheed

Metal sheed

I would like to stress the fact that this is the high-quality rearing unit.
Our rearing unit is made to last.
Made from 40mm hot-dipped galvanised steel – a box covered with plastic steel sheets outside and inside with EPS insulation between.

-Brooder is 40x40mm hot-dipped galvanised framed and fully insulated.
-1.6-2m high
-Covered with plastic steel sheet inside and outside with EPS insulation
-You can lift the entire unit
-1-3 pophole
-insulated walls
-strong door hinges
-Right bolts
-Roof beams
-Windows have covers
-including all what you need

-40×40 hot-dipped galvanised frame
-polycarbonate plate
-Shelter has 1-4 doors, 1-2 on the front and 1-2 or on the rear for easy access
-Double Brooder has central divider
-1-2 pophole
-including all bolts,beams, screws and strips what you need